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The Kisi Access Control as a Platform

Combine your favorite tools and APIs to automate building operations, simplify space management, and enhance security.


Extensible, flexible, software-driven automation

Integrate Kisi with a plethora of applications using our APIs and SDKs. Use Kisi as the backbone to automate your building operation workflows while retaining full control over the design and branding of your apps.

Kisi for the Enterprise

Kisi for the real estate

Real estate

Manage your disparate building portfolio like a network

Monetize spaces with centralized access control. Ensure interoperability, automation, and analytics between your siloed building management tools. Reduce operating costs and enhance tenant experience by automating workflows.


Keep your space running smoothly and secure 24/7

Seamlessly integrate Kisi into your coworking app. Kisi provides secure access control solutions for coworking spaces, ensuring convenient and safe entry management for members and employees.

Kisi for the Enterprise

Kisi for the real estate

Fitness and wellness

24/7 cloud access control for gyms

Experience seamless integration and intuitive management with our user-friendly cloud-based access control system, empowering your gym, fitness, or wellness center with unparalleled security and operational efficiency around the clock.

Powerful core features

Flexible deployment options

Choose the deployment option that best fits your needs and enjoy the convenience and security that Kisi provides.

Real-time analytics

Get real-time and historical data about the status of your spaces at a glance, make informed decisions faster and run more robust reporting.

Enterprise-grade solution

Kisi provides secure authentication, end-to-end security, scalability, role-based access control, easy integrability with other solutions.

Kisi allows us to have a fluid day, regardless of what office location we're working in, without slowing us down.

- Dillon Okner,

Join us at the forefront of modern access control

Step into the future of access control with Kisi. Boost your market reach, enhance brand visibility, and unlock a world of new customers. Ignite growth and fuel innovation by partnering with us today.

Kisi for the Enterprise