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Kisi API Documentation

What is Kisi?

Kisi is a cloud-based access control solution empowering organizations to manage their facilities in a smarter, safer, and more efficient way. With Kisi, IT admins can remotely manage doors and access rights, monitor real-time access events, and create secure, frictionless workspaces.

About the Kisi API

Our JSON-based API provides an interface to build your own integrations on top of Kisi, or export different types of data into your third-party analytics tools. Our endpoints cover over 30 different types of resources, exposing the vast majority of our core services.

Build applications that use Kisi services and resources as their backend

  • Retrieve, create and update resources, such as places, doors, groups and users
  • Assign roles and permissions to users
  • Unlock doors from within the Kisi app
  • Unlock doors with tap to unlock, using our Mobile SDK for iOS and Android
  • Export or react to events, such as unlock events, in real-time using webhooks

API reference

This API guide is focusing on selected use cases only. For more a detailed description of the API features (e.g. HTTP errors, rate limits, information on deprecated endpoints), please always visit the API reference.

Ready to get started?

Follow these essential guides to get started with the Kisi API: