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Rhombus Systems camera integration

Kisi offers a state-of-the-art integration with Rhombus Systems's security cameras aimed at administrators with strict security or compliance requirements.

Whenever a security relevant event is recorded in the Kisi platform, it will download a roughly ten second video snapshot on and around the timestamp of the event. This snapshot can, once downloaded, be viewed in the activity stream of the customer's place or organization.

For more details about how cameras work inside of Kisi, please refer to the Cameras concepts.


  • Rhombus Systems cameras with API access
  • Kisi account administrator rights

Setting the integration up#

Create the integration#

Go to the settings of your Kisi place or organization and create a Rhombus Systems integration. Follow the steps there.

Import the camera#

Once the integration has been set up, go to the Hardware section of your Kisi place or organization, select the Cameras tab and click on "Import Camera". Follow the steps:

  1. Select the Kisi integration you just created
  2. Select the Rhombus Systems camera
  3. Select the Kisi door to assign the camera to

Downloaded snapshots#

One video snapshot is download filming nine to ten seconds (in total) around the time the event happened.

In most cases, this will show what was leading up to the event, as well as what happened right after. For example, it could show the person walking up to the door, forcing it open, and then entering.