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Jumpcloud Directory user import

Integrating Jumpcloud with Kisi enables simplified user management across multiple facilities and locations. Users are imported from the Jumpcloud directory to the Kisi directory. Once set up, users will be automatically synchronized.


  • Kisi Organizations plan
  • JumpCloud account
  • Kisi account administrator rights

Setting the integration up#

This integration is created from the management dashboard. But the first step is to obtain a Jumpcloud API Key as explained in the Jumpcloud Directory User Import support guide.

Then, create a Jumpcloud Directory User Import integration from Integrations in the management dashboard as follows.

  1. Click Add Integration, give it a name. select type Jumpcloud Directory User Import.
  2. Enter the API Key you obtained before.
  3. Kisi will validate the API Key and will show you a list of Jumpcloud groups to select from.
  4. Select the Kisi group you want to import to.