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Google Directory user import

Organizations can integrate their Google Directory with Kisi and start managing physical access with ease. As members are added or deleted in the Google Directory, the integration will automatically enroll and remove users from the Kisi directory. Users will receive an email notifying them that they have been granted access, along with simple onboarding instructions.


  • Google Directory setup with at least one Organization unit
  • Kisi account administrator rights

Setting the integration up#

Create a Google Directory User Import integration from Integrations in the management dashboard as follows.

  1. Click Add Integration, give it a name, select type Google Directory User Import and click Authorize with Google.
  2. A Google account window will pop up and you will have to choose the account you want to use.
  3. After clicking Allow, you will go back to the Kisi interface and then you will be able to choose the organization unit you want to use from Google.
  4. Choose to import into a Kisi group or as members only.

For more details on how to configure Google Directory, you can check the Integrate with Google Directory support guide.