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Google Calendar unlock timer

Integrating Google Calendar with Kisi allows to unlock and lock doors, remotely and on-demand, for customizable periods of time. Admins can control door scheduling with updates in real-time. It works the same way as scheduling an event on Google Calendar, but instead of a person you invite a door. Once added to the calendar, the door will remain unlocked during the set meeting time.


  • Google Calendar account
  • Kisi account administrator rights

Setting the integration up#

Create a Google Calendar Unlock Timer integration from Integrations in the management dashboard as follows.

  1. Click Add Integration, give it a name, select type Google Calendar Unlock Timer and click Authorize with Google.
  2. A Google account window will pop up and you will have to choose the account you want to use.
  3. After clicking Allow, you will go back to the Kisi interface and then you will be able to choose the calendar you want to use from Google.
  4. Choose the door you want to shcedule through the selected calendar.

For more details on how to configure Google Calendar, you can check the Integrate with Google Calendar unlock timer support guide.