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Glofox Gym integration


Glofox members will have to sign up with Kisi to unlock.

We maintain an integration with Glofox that allows Glofox admins to synchronize users with their Kisi place, and to check users into Glofox whenever a (relevant) door is unlocked at the place.


  • Glofox account with admin rights
  • Kisi account administrator rights


Go to the settings of your Kisi place or organization and create a Glofox integration.

Create Glofox Integration

There are a few mandatory fields:

  • Glofox Branch Id: The branch id for your Glofox setup
  • Group: the Kisi group to import relevant users into

For each of the Glofox fields, if you don't know how to obtain the inputs please reach out to their customer support team for details.

Optional fields are:

  • Glofox Memberships: Here, you define Glofox memberships that should be used to filter imported users by. For example, if you only want to import users that have the "Platinum" membership, this is where you can do it.

How it works#

Synchronizing Glofox members with Kisi:

Once the integration has been set up, it will synchronize users with Kisi every full hour (i.e. every 60 minutes aligned by UTC) and add imported users into the specified group.

Checking Kisi users in through Glofox:

Whenever a user unlocks any of the doors of the place, if the user was granted access through the Glofox integration (i.e. the user's share was created by the Glofox integration), Kisi will attempt to check the user in with Glofox.


If the group of a Glofox integration is changed, it may take a while for shares to recreated for the new group.