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Event Webhooks

Kisi offers the possibility to send events to third-party services using an HTTP webhook. When an event is added to the stream of a place, an Event Webhook is triggered, in turn dispatching the event payload as JSON to an external endpoint as specified by the webhook integration's url field.


  • A URL to post to (url field in the webhook)
  • Kisi account administrator rights

Setting the integration up#

Create an Event Webhook integration from the Integrations page in the management dashboard as follows:

  1. Click Add Integration, give it a name, select type Event Webhook.
  2. Add the URL to your Webhook page.
  3. If you like, add a Signature Key that will be added to the sent code so you can easily identify your events.

For more details on how to configure Event Webhooks, you can check the Using Event Webhooks support guide.