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Migrating from Standard to Organization Model

Resources that will be migrated#

  1. Resources that will be just moved (ids don't change)

These resources will be moved from the Standard Model to the Organization Model, without changing their identification number:

  • Cameras
  • Camera snapshots
  • Elevator stops
  • Elevators
  • Floors
  • Hardware
  • Logins (feature flagged)
  • Locks
  • Place
  • Subscription
  • Zone locks
  1. Resources that will be re-created (ids change)

These resources will be created in the Organization Model as a copy of the original resource in the Standard Model:

  • Cards
  • Event export (a new event export will be created when the migration is run)
  • Group locks
  • Groups
  • Member
  • Schedules (responsible for scheduled unlocks, time restrictions)
  • Shares
  • User


Until the migration is completed, no changes will be applied to integrations.

Integrations that are tied directly to the place regardless of the context (Braxos, Cisco Meraki, Google Calendar unlock timer, Rhombus Systems) don't need any changes and should keep working.

Integrations that are connected to a group (Azure AD, Google user import, JumpCloud, Glofox, Gymflow) will need to be re-created or at the very least updated to point to the new group in organization (this is done in the complete step for some integrations already - Azure AD and Google user import - but not all of them.)

  • EventWebhook will be migrated and disabled automatically once the previous resources migration is complete.
  • Azure AD and Google User Import integrations will be disabled when the previous resources migration is complete.
  • Smartalock doesn't depend on the place or organization. Kisi will pass in the id of the user that requests the unlock.

Resources that won't be migrated:#

  • Member exports
  • Credentials (used for Google and Azure AD integrations, scoped to user)
  • Dashboard configurations (user scoped, not available in legacy)
  • Events
  • Notifications