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Customizable Dashboards

The Kisi dashboard is a dynamic space where you configure the information that is most important for your organization.

Once logged in to your organization account, go to a place to customize its dashboard. Click on the "Customize" button at the bottom of the page.

You will find a list of widgets, including:

  • Place Activity Heatmap: shows a heatmap of the unlock activity at your place over tha last 7 days.
  • Place Image: shows the logo, address and place image.
  • Place Lockdown: shows the setting to enable place lockdown.
  • Quick Access: shows a list of all your Kisi-enabled doors. favorited doors are shown on top.
  • Status Overview: shows the system's connectivity, local setup availability and latency.
  • Unlock History: shows the list of unlocks at your place.
  • Unique Users: shows the number of daily unique users at your place.

Add them to your dashboard by dragging them to the right column.

When you click on Save, you'll have the option to select between saving to the current place, saving to selected places or saving to all places.

If you click on Save to selected places, a new screen will appear to select the places you want the dashboard setup to apply to.

After setting up the new dashboard, you navigate to the place to review the customized dashboard.