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Managing cards

Kisi allows handling passes (cards, stickers, fobs) in a quick and easy way from the management dashboard. An administrator can assign new cards, deactivate them, and set up the card permissions for each user. Entering in the user detail, admins can activate or deactivate the possibility of entry with cards. From the cards list in the management dashboard admins can assign or remove cards.

There are available a set of actions that can be executed on cards through the API. These include assign and unassign, activate and deactivate, enable and disable, and querying the information of the card.

To assign a card only the card token (printed in the card) and the user email are necessary.

Activate a card#

The card activation has to be done by the user through the mobile app.

To activate the card via API, it can be done having the internal card id or with the card token.