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Capacity Management

With the Capacity Management feature you can maximize space usage without compromising security or safety. Capacity Management updates your Kisi account with real-time space utilization data.

You can choose how to determine occupancy, you have two options:

  • You can set an inactivity timer that will remove people from occupancy after a certain amount time of inactivity
  • Or you can install Kisi readers on both sides of the door to track in-out movements

You will see this data automatically in your Kisi dashboard, telling you the percentage of maximum capacity and compiling historical data to give insights into general utilization trends of your spaces.

You can define the occupancy of your spaces in two ways:

  • Manually set an inactivity timer, which will begin from the moment a user activates a Kisi access point. When the timer expires, the user is considered to be no longer present in the space and is removed from the occupancy count.

  • For a more precise count, you have the option of install in-out readers on both sides of the entries, when the users are required to use a Kisi access point to enter and exit the space. They are moved to occupancy when they use the entry-side access point, and out when they use the exit-side access point.

You can set the maximum amount of users allowed in your place at the same time.

Define who must be notified when capacity has reached 75%, 100% and 150%, by setting alert policies.

Capacity management benefits#

  • Maintain fire safety compliance of your spaces
  • Know exactly who is in your space at any given moment
  • Real-time occupancy push notifications
  • Historical data to show occupancy trends and space utilization
  • Space utilization reporting
  • All easily viewed and managed in the Kisi app