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The place resource represents a physical space (office, building, ...) that uses Kisi through one or more devices connected to a Kisi controller. It has a name and an address among other attributes and belongs to the user that created it. Its creator is called the owner, and only the owner has all the rights to the place. Depending on the user role, places can be managed and edited, or just viewed or accessed.

For customers, places are initially created by Kisi Support and then transferred to them. Every place has only one place owner but can have multiple place admins. Any user can be the place owner of multiple places and will show up as different places under the Admin Dashboard. For companies who use several locations, signing up for Kisi Organizations is recommended.

To create a new place, you can use this API call:

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: KISI-LOGIN {authentication_token}' \
--data-raw '{
"place": {
"name": "My 1st Kisi Place",
"address": "63 First Ave, New York City 11205 USA"

All possible actions on a Place are listed at Places API reference.

Having a Kisi standard plan, the dashboard will be organized by places, each with its own sets of members, groups, doors, cards, elevators, and the rest.

When the Kisi system is arranged by organizations, you can have a configuration that applies to the entire organization and then a specific configuration for each space with its own doors, elevators, floors, integrations, and pieces of hardware.

For more about places in the organization and the standard model, read the places section in the Organization versus Standard Model article.

Place transfers#

Place owners can transfer the place to another user of their choice with the help of the place transfer setting on the admin dashboard. There, they have to input the user's email and click Request Transfer. The user will receive an email and will have to accept the transfer.

Place transfer

If a place owner has left the company, users may request the place to be transferred with the help of Kisi Support by filling in a Place Transfer Request Form.

Place settings#

From the management dashboard, some basic settings can be set up. For each place, these properties can be configured: name, description, address, latitude and longitude, and time zone.

Place main settings

You can also customize the branding (brand color, logo and place image).

Place branding settings

Only the place owner can change some of the place settings such as branding, while place admins are able to change all other place-related settings such as the address of the space.

In the organization model, global settings can be set for the admin dashboard.

Place branding settings