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Kisi offers integrations with third-party cameras. Supported camera providers are:

Check the API Reference on how to retrieve, create, update and delete cameras through the Kisi API: Cameras

If you want to import the integration with the cameras or retrieve them from the API, please check our references: Cisco Meraki Cameras, Cisco Meraki Organizations, and Rhombus Systems Cameras.


Certain events trigger the camera to take a snapshot of the door where the event occurred. The snapshots can be a series of images or a single snapshot video. Snapshots are automatically saved and associated with the events that trigger them.

The events that can trigger a snapshot are:

  • Lock unlocked
  • Lock opened
  • Lock forced open
  • Lock held open

Snapshots are stored for 90 days in Google Cloud's Storage service. For more information, please read the Google Cloud Data Encryption documentation.

Where to view snapshots#

In the admin dashboard, clicking on the camera roll icon will open a dialog that shows the snapshots that were taken.

Import Camera

The dialog displays one tab per camera allowing you to switch between snapshots from different cameras assigned to the door. For video snapshots, instead of a series of images there will be one video.

Import Camera

Camera snapshots cannot be created manually. To learn more about retrieving snapshots, check the Camera Snapshots API reference.