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New Analytics Page, Refreshed Events Page, and more...

Analyze events and the usage of your facilities, and give a better user experience to your users with a richer events page and better navigation for doors in the mobile app. Integrate Gymflow and Rippling with Kisi

Unique user count

New Analytics Page#

The new analytics dashboard will help to monitor the usage of the facilities. Historical data will help with contact tracing and to better understand how to follow the health guidelines for occupancy.

In the new analytics page you will have a quick view of the unique users that have been active the present day, and you will find a summary of the unique users distributed on the days of the current week. You will also have a view of the latest unlocks of the day, by user, and a quick access to the users profile. The data of previous weeks will also be available through the navigation.


The Place Activity Heatmap, that was previously shown in the main dashboard, will be now located in this page.


Refreshed Events Page#

We have added more details to the events page. Now you can see the event details on the same page, by clicking on the expand button. You have now more tooltips to easier understand every action you can make on this events list.

Doors in Floors#

Now you can add doors to floors to help your user to easier navigate inside the Kisi mobile app. In the web dashboard you will see the option to add doors in the floor detail.

In the mobile app users will see floors in tabs, containing their corresponding doors.

Gymflow Integration#

Our new integration allows Gymflow admins to synchronize users with their Kisi place. For setting up this integration you will need a Gymflow account with admin right, a Kisi account administrator rights and a Gymflow API key.

From the web dashboard you will be able to add the Gymflow integration and select the Kisi group you want the users to be imported to.

Once made the integration, it will synchronize users with Kisi every full hour (i.e. every 60 minutes aligned by UTC) and add imported users into the specified group.

Rippling Integration#

Rippling, the easy-to-use employee management platform, has developed a new integration to work with Kisi. For more information, check our support guide on how to integrate with Rippling.