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Manage your subscription

You can keep track of your Kisi subscription under Organization setup > Billing. This page provides an overview of your billed resources, specifying the quantity, price per unit and price in total to be paid for each resource, and the total amount to be paid that month.

A credit card number will be saved in the billing settings and can be changed anytime. Use this page to update, change or cancel your subscription.


If the billing page is not shown, you may have subscribed to Kisi through a reseller. In this case, please contact your reseller.

Kisi's Fair Billing Policy

At Kisi, we like to keep our billing simple, fair and transparent.

As a Kisi Organizations user, your bill is calculated based on the number of users you have in Kisi, on a month-to-month basis (including yearly and multi-yearly subscriptions). You will be charged for the total number of users in your account, regardless of whether the user has an active share. We calculate the charges based on the amount of time the users are in the system.

This is why yearly or multi-year licenses are handled as credits. This means that although you are purchasing multiple years in advance, what you are receiving is a license credit for the desired volume and time. This allows you to stay more flexible: if you end up using less volume than planned, your credits will last longer. On the other hand, if you are ramping up you can use your credits without having to purchase a new license immediately.

We've introduced this policy on all our enterprise plans as of August 2020. If you have any questions please contact Kisi Support.