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Install elevators

Kisi supports two types of elevators: relay based and dispath based elevators.

Install relay based elevators


  1. One Kisi Reader Pro for every elevator car
  2. One Kisi Controller Pro for every four elevator stops (up to five Kisi Controller Pros can be used together for one elevator)

Wiring by retrofitting

If internet connectivity is not available inside the elevator car, a retrofitting setup should be used including standalone media converters.

Wiring using existing Ethernet port

If an Ethernet port is available inside the elevator car, use this alternative.


Please ensure that the reader is not obstructed by placing it behind glass or aluminium inside the elevator car. Tap to Unlock and cards may not perform well through such materials, especially if they are tinted.

Install dispath based elevators

Our Sales team has a partnership with Braxos. Please consult them at for installation.