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Add credentials

Kisi users are identified by physical, mobile or email-based credentials.


This article focuses on adding physical credentials to Kisi. For more information on other credential types, please visit our reference articles on mobile and email-based credentials.

Physical credentials, like native Kisi Passes, high-frequency NFC, or low-frequency RFID credentials, need to be assigned to their users first. You can enroll and assign these from the Credentials tab from the left-hand navigation, or on a specific user’s details page under Credentials.

Assign Kisi Passes

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. On your organization dashboard, click on Credentials
  3. Click on Add credential
  4. Under Card Type, select Kisi credential
  5. Enter the Kisi Pass token (printed on the card, case sensitive) and the email address of the user you want to assign this card to (required)
  6. Click Add

If you don't want to issue cards to specific users, use an email alias (e.g. to assign cards in Kisi and confirm them via the same email. Note: this method will not work for Microsoft Exchange users.

Assign third-party NFC credentials

Before assigning a third-party NFC credential at a Kisi Reader, you need to enable Enrollment Mode on that specific reader.

  1. On the Kisi dashboard, navigate to Hardware
  2. Choose the reader you'll use for scanning the credential
  3. Enable Enrollment Mode

Now you can go ahead and enroll your card.

  1. On the Kisi dashboard, navigate to Credentials
  2. Click on Add Credential and select At Kisi Reader
  3. Select the place you want to add the credential to
  4. Select the reader you want to use for scanning the credential
  5. Scan your credential by tapping it to the reader
  6. Once the credential is found, enter the email of the user you want to assign it to
  7. Click Assign

Assign third-party RFID credentials

Please find the supported low-frequency RFID (125 kHz) card types below. While certain types of HID cards exist as high-frequency (13.56 MHz) cards as well, they are not necessarily NFC standards compliant and therefore not supported by Kisi.

  • C15001 KeyScan (36-bit card)
  • EM410x/TK410x (for 26-bit or 32/34-bit readers)
  • HID H10301 (26-bit card)
  • HID H10302 (37-bit card)
  • HID H10304 (37-bit card)
  • HID Corporate 1000 (35-bit card)

The instructions below refer to assigning RFID credentials to the Kisi Controller. If you need to assign credentials to a legacy controller, please visit Assign door to controller and follow the instructions under the Legacy controller tab.

  1. On the Kisi dashboard, navigate to Credentials
  2. Click on Add credentials
  3. Select the By token tab
  4. Open the Card Type dropdown and select your card type
  5. Depending on your card type, you'll have to enter different values:
    • Facility Code - May be printed on the card and represents the facility or building the card belongs to. It’s the same for all employees at a location.
    • Card Code - Often printed on the card. It is unique and is used to identify the person it has been assigned to.
    • Card ID - Often printed on the card. It is unique and is used to identify the card.

For EM410x/TK410x credentials, the bits refer to the reader's output. Before enrolling this type of credential from the web dashboard, make sure you know if it will be used with 26-bit or 32/34-bit readers.

  1. Enter in the email address you want to assign the card to

Navigate to the details page of the credential that was just added to see the card type and code displayed.

Bulk import third-party credentials

  1. First, import your users into Kisi. You have several options to do this, including via SCIM, or through a CSV file
  2. Next, export a CSV file from your legacy access control solution following this template
  3. Send the exported CSV file to your Kisi point of contact

Before sending it to Kisi, please make sure your credential import CSV contains the necessary values by following our CSV format guide for bulk importing third-party RFID credentials.

Add your Yubikeys to Kisi

  1. Sign in to your Kisi Android app
  2. Select a place
  3. Go to Settings by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner
  4. Click on the Cards tab
  5. Use the camera to scan a QR code or enter a token manually
  6. Once the key has been found, assign it to your e-mail address. Next, you'll receive an e-mail to activate it
  7. Activate the key