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Our RecDesk integration is leveraging event webhooks. It allows you to assign Kisi cards to your RecDesk members and set access groups for members to determine which facilities/doors a member can access. You can automatically record check-ins on RecDesk when a member accesses a Kisi-secured facility. Also, you can seamlessly grant or revoke access to your recreational facility through RecDesk.


  • Kisi organization administrator rights
  • RecDesk admin rights

Set up the RecDesk integration

Generate the Kisi API key

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. On the top right corner, click on your name and click on My Account
  3. Next, select the API tab and click on Add API key
  4. Enter your name, your Kisi password, and your verification code and click Add
  5. Copy the API key shown on the screen and click Close

Configure the integration in Kisi

  1. Contact RecDesk to get the webhook URL address
  2. Sign in to Kisi
  3. Navigate to Organization Setup > Integrations
  4. Click on Add Integration
  5. Define the name of your new RecDesk integation
  6. Open the Type dropdown and select Event Webhook
  7. Enter the webhook URL you obtained before
  8. Optionally, you can select the event types that should trigger the event webhook

Every time Kisi grants access to a member, it will communicate with RecDesk via this webhook. Access in Kisi is granted by the groups that the user belongs to.