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Review event (unlock) history

You can review detailed information on the events that have occurred at your Kisi place on the Unlock History page.

Please note that on the default organization dashboard view (the one you land on when signing in) you can find the same option under Event History.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Open your place
  3. Click on Unlock History
  4. Scroll down the list to load older events
  5. Select an event entry to see its details
  6. Click the camera icon on the right of an entry to see the video footage associated to it (this feature requires a camera integration with Kisi)

Filter events

  1. In the Unlock History list, click on the Object tab
  2. Choose the object from the What object dropdown menu, select your preference, and click Apply
  3. Click on the Action tab
  4. Choose the action from the What action dropdown menu, select your preference, and click Apply
  5. Click on the User tab
  6. Choose a specific user or All from the Search user dropdown menu, and click Apply
  7. Click on the Time tab
  8. Define the time range you want you filter to apply to, and click Apply

For a full list of event types please check out our Events page linked above.