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Edit organization settings

The first step towards setting up your Kisi environment is to adjust the settings of your organization to reflect your brand on both the web and mobile apps.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Navigate to Organization Setup and select Settings
  3. Under the General settings define the name, address, and time zone of your organization
  4. [Only for non-SSO organizations] Define the domain of your organization.
  5. Under Branding, click on Add logo to upload a logo and on Add image to upload a header image for your organization

Supported image formats

You can customize user profiles and organization dashboards using the following image formats:

  • Safari: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .webp, .avif, .svg, .heic, .heif
  • Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .webp, .avif, .svg

Edit organization dashboard

By default, your organization dashboard displays one of your place's dashboard. To change this:

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Click Change Place on the dashboard
  3. Open the Place dropdown
  4. Select the place you want to be shown on the organization dashboard
  5. Click Save

To manage your place settings, please read our guide on editing place settings.

Disable organization emails

As a Kisi admin, you have the ability to pause all organization-wide emails from Kisi. This feature could be helpful during onboarding, allowing you to avoid sending user notifications until the system is ready to use. Once everything is set up, you can easily enable emails again.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Navigate to Organization Setup and select Settings
  3. Switch the Send emails toggle to turn off this setting

Organization ID

Every Kisi organization has a globally unique identifier (ID). The number can be found in the web URL:<id>

If your organization has SSO enabled and you require your domain being changed, please reach out to Kisi Support.

On to the next step

In the next step you'll create your first Kisi place.