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Connect and wire the Wiegand board

The Wiegand add-on board for the Controller Pro 2 supports up to four legacy Wiegand readers. To use it, first you need to plug it into the Controller Pro 2.

Connect the Wiegand board

  1. Make sure the Controller Pro 2 is powered off
  2. Hold the Wiegand board in front of the controller
  3. Locate the male/female connector pins
  4. Plug the Wiegand board into the controller via the connector pins
  5. Make sure that it's well connected, first pin to last pin

Wire legacy readers to the Wiegand board

Once connected, you can wire your legacy readers to the Wiegand board.

  1. On the Wiegand board, locate the four Wiegand device interfaces
  2. Select one of the interfaces for your legacy reader, and locate the seven ports on it
  3. For a minimal configuration, wire your reader to the D0, D1, plus (+), and minus (-) pins, as follows:
  4. Connect your D0 wire to the D0 port (Data line 0)
  5. Connect your D1 wire to the D1 port (Data line 1)
  6. Connect your + wire to the + port (12 volts direct current)
  7. Connect your - wire to the - port (Ground)

For further functionality, you can wire the following pins:

  • G: Green LED
  • R: Red LED
  • BZ: Buzzer