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Manage users

By adding users you can customize access for everyone in your space. Depending on your use case, you can either add regular Kisi users or white-label users.

  1. Regular users are required to register for a Kisi account. They receive emails from Kisi when they get access shared or credentials assigned.
  2. White-label users are never required to sign up for a Kisi account. They don't receive emails from Kisi, and logins need to be created on their behalf.

The Members endpoint

In the Kisi API, you can perform most user management-related actions by calling the endpoint. For example:

  • Get a list of users
  • Create, update, delete users
  • Assign/de-assign cards to/from users

To see the complete list of methods and query string parameters that the members endpoint accepts, check out the Kisi API reference.

Add users

To add a new user, send a POST request to with the below parameter:

"member": {
"email": ""

Add white-label users

To add white-label users, send the same POST request to, including the following parameters:

"member": {
"email": "",
"confirm": true,
"send_emails": false
  • by setting the confirm parameter to true, you ensure the user will be automatically confirmed upon creation
  • by setting the send_emails parameter to false, you ensure the user will not receive notifications from Kisi

When creating white-label users, make sure you include "send_emails": false. Omitting will result in the user receiving emails from Kisi.


In both cases, if your request was successful, you'll receive a 200 OK response.

Remove users

If a user leaves your organization or place, you may want to delete their profile.

To remove a new user, send a DELETE request to{id}.

  • replace id with the ID number of the user you want to remove. You can find this value at the very end of the user's URL, for example:


If your request was successful, you'll receive a 204 No content response.