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Unlock schedules

By setting unlock schedules, you can keep your Kisi-enabled doors and elevator stops unlocked during a defined time period. For example, you can set a door to be unlocked Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, or an elevator stop on Friday from 2 PM to 6 PM.

Unlock schedule exceptions

By setting an unlock schedule exception, the door will remain locked and will require valid access permissions during the selected time period regardless of other schedules.

There can be three types of unlock schedule exceptions:

  • Single event: the door will remain locked once, during the selected time period
  • Recurring event: the door will remain locked more than once, on a repeating schedule
  • Holiday events: the door will remain locked during public holidays, based on country-specific calendars

Unlock schedules vs access schedules

While unlock schedules keep the door unlocked during a defined timeframe, access schedules make sure the door can only be accessed during a defined timeframe.

Unlock schedules can only be applied to doors and elevators, while access schedules can be applied to doors, elevators, and groups.

Unlock schedule exceptions vs access schedule exceptions

While unlock schedule exceptions keep the door locked and require valid access permissions to unlock during the selected time period, access schedule exceptions deny access completely during the selected time period.


Enabling the lockdown feature will override any unlock and access schedules you may have set.