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Kisi provides an extensive array of advanced and customizable reports, allowing administrators, access managers, and auditors to get deep insights into their spaces while eliminating the burden of manual data analysis. These reports can be generated on the fly or configured as schedules for regular delivery to the designated team members.

Scheduled versus ad-hoc reports

Reports can be generated in two ways: ad-hoc, or based on a schedule (e.g. weekly on Fridays).

  • Report schedules allow admins and auditors to automatically receive specific reports at their chosen intervals.
  • Ad-hoc generated reports provide ad-hoc insights, customized to a specified timeframe.

Report types

Currently, the following report types are available in Kisi:

Event exports

Event exports help you to find and further investigate a specific event in your Kisi environment. Event exports can be fine-tuned with advanced object and variable filters, delivering even more precise insights you need for optimum control.

  • user ID
  • user email
  • user action
  • authentication type
  • authentication ID
  • object type
  • object ID
  • date

User exports

User exports help you to find and further investigate a specific user in your Kisi environment. These reports offer a comprehensive list of properties that can be downloaded in CSV file format for your convenience.

  • user name
  • email
  • access suspended
  • organization roles
  • place roles
  • group roles
  • last accessed by card
  • last accessed by backup card
  • last accessed by login
  • card token
  • backup card token
  • notes

User presence reports

User presence reports provide insights into the unique unlocks in a specified timeframe and the number of days when the user performed at least one unlock. User presence reports can be organization-wide or limited to a place. The lowest timeframe resolution is one day.

  • user name
  • email
  • access rights
  • first unlock
  • last unlock
  • days with unlocks

Weekly place analytics reports

Weekly place analytics reports help you track place usage without the need for time-consuming data manipulation. These reports can be generated with just a few clicks and are readily available for download in PDF format, ensuring ease of access and sharing. Weekly place analytics reports include:

  • Daily place usage
  • Heatmap of unique user unlocks
  • Weekly unique users
  • Unlocks by credential type
  • The top 5 most frequently used doors
  • Recent failed unlock attempts
  • Hardware metrics

Door unlock permissions report

Door unlock permissions reports provide a list of users who have been granted access permissions to a specific door. The report includes:

  • user name
  • user email
  • user role
  • the scope of the role
  • permission valid from / until